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Leaving New York for Europe was a big step, especially for someone who was only nine months old. The three years my family and I lived there were the beginning of a long career of immersion and study in different cultures around the world. Altogether I have lived in and explored over twenty-three countries and delved into their way of life. Collecting and studying books on different societies old and new became an important part of my life, and I puzzled through them in English, French, German, Greek and Latin.

At MIT, I learned to do world-class research, then earned a master's degree in the history of business from UCLA. Working as an international consultant afforded the unique opportunity to travel in other countries and pursue my interest in their people and societies. A treasure trove of photos, notes and books began to pile up. When financially able to take early retirement, I became fully dedicated to writing about amazing discoveries that had come to hand from around the world, and continued to add to it. That filled many shelves with folders and books on people, places and different cultures, including the ancient Mediterranean and Medieval Europe.

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Academic colleagues became interested in my work, and invited me to present papers at universities and historical associations. Other speaking engagements soon followed, as well as appearances on TV and radio programs, newspapers and magazines.

These journeys of exploration have often revealed that the actual people and events are more amazing than the fanciful stories told about them. That is especially true of the unusual people who became Knights Templar. Their fascinating experiences are the subject of my latest book.

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