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Ancient Athens

Five Intriguing Lives:

Socrates, Pericles, Aspasia, Peisistratos & Alcibiades

The lives of five fascinating people were woven so deeply into the fabric of ancient Athens that their compelling stories reveal rich details of how the Golden Age of Greece came into being.

Socrates was a stonemason who became a philosopher while having encounters with rich and powerful people in Athens. Pericles was a cautious young man who grew into a strong leader--in a city known for driving out leaders who became too strong. Aspasia was derided as an outsider and sex worker, but became the consummate insider as lover to Pericles and friend of Socrates. Peisistratos made himself tyrant of Athens in its early years, but he also planted seeds that flourished in the city's Classical age. Alcibiades was mentored by Pericles and Socrates, then served as a dominant general in some of Athens' great victories before its golden years declined.

A wealth of well-established evidence shows how their lives were interlaced with those of Aeschylus, Phidias, Herodotus, Euripides, Themistocles and many other remarkable people. Together they raised the Parthenon on the Acropolis, presented plays in the Theatre of Dionysos, argued philosophy in the Agora and won victories at Marathon and Salamis that sheltered this young democracy from the grip of tyranny. It is through their lives that we see Athens emerge from the mists of antiquity to overcome incredible obstacles and become a beacon of light that still shines in our lives today. The beautiful imagery and illustrations in this highly readable book will cause you to fall in love with Athens all over again.

Pam Mooney of Goodreads says:

"Very well written and expertly researched. You truly do fall in love with Athens, and the illustrations really help to paint the picture. I enjoyed walking down the streets of Athens and getting a feel for the everyday lives of its people over the years. The personalities, values, loves, fears, and motivations, of the citizenry really come through in this telling -- more than any other accounts I have read. Each individual story is very readable and the obstacles overcome by these individuals and those around them are amazing. I really felt like I was given great insight to their personalities and the influences each had on the building and rebuilding of Athens and each other. I also enjoyed the complete references should I want to read further. A good read ."

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