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Of Sanford Holst's many media appearances, the BBC series "Ancient Worlds" was perhaps the most enjoyable. It first aired in 2010 and started being streamed online in 2016 -- where it can still be seen on Look for Part 2: The Iron Age.

Sanford has made academic presentations at a number of universities in the USA and overseas. His academic papers and these presentations resulted in his being elected to the prestigious Royal Historical Society. 

In 2016 he was the keynote speaker at the academic convocation in Boston co-hosted by Harvard University, MIT and Boston University social groups.

Sanford has appeared on over 200 radio talk shows and been interviewed for other programs and articles on TV, magazines and newspapers. His websites and other postings are followed by over 500,000 people each year.

His talks to public groups include the best elements drawn from his workshops, seminars and books. These discussions sparkle with people's acutal experiences, as well as useful facts from many years of research, and guidance from renowned experts.

Sanford Holst (left) with Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and event planner Amira Matar

In his talks Sanford addresses topics such as the following,  with knowledge, insight, and a touch of humor

The Knights Templar These fascinating knights have become even more interesting with recent discoveries of actual people's lives among the Templars. Their stories add a new level of intrigue and excitement to what we know about these knights and how they impacted so much of society around them. Their influence is still felt today in many surprising ways.

Phoenician Secrets People of Lebanese descent in the USA and other countries love to hear about the Seven Principles of Phoenician Society discovered by Sanford in researching his Phoenicians book. These extraordinary principles that their ancestors developed are still very much in use by Lebanese people today.

Ancient Athens See how these remarkable people who lived many hundreds of years ago overcame obstacles very much like those we face today. They dug in and got to work creating a thriving economy, magnificent buildings, works of art, literature and philosophy that are still admired today. There are many good things we can learn from these resourceful people.

The Early Years of Masonry From all the real and imagined things said about this society of influential people, there is now emerging a solid, reliable history that is even more remarkable than the stories made up about them. Step back to the America of Benjamin Franklin and the England of earlier years. Experience people's lives and rarely-told events that illuminate things we still see today, in ways you would not have imagined.

Your Inspiration There are things in life that inspire us, raising us higher than we thought possible. Now you can learn how to find that inspiration all around you. And discover how to become that inspiration for people who matter to you.  

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