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Best known for his popular history books about societies around the world, Sanford Holst has always been a bit of an explorer and adventurer. Those interests help bring his books to life. As reviewer Pam Mooney noted: "The personalities, values, loves, fears and motivations of the citizenry come through in his telling -- more so than any other accounts I have read."

Sanford's journeys and writings have taken us to the knights of turbulent Medieval Europe, the Greeks and Phoenicians in the idyllic ancient Mediterranean, the health practioners of old Asia, and the changing world around us in the present day.

His many speaking engagements are fueled by all those travels and writings, providing an endless stream of intriguing stories and discoveries from around the world. In the BBC program Ancient Worlds he was able to take the experiences of the adventurous Phoenicians who lived long ago and make it seem as though we were on their cedar boats as they sailed to Greece, Spain, Morocco Egypt, and unexplored lands to ply their trade of rich purple cloth, jewelry and perfumes.

Sanford's talks at universities in the USA and overseas are usually accompanied by academic papers. That work resulted in his being elected to the Royal Historical Society in England. On the internet, his informative websites are read by more than half a million people each year.

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"Finding ways we make life better for ourselves and those important to us has always been a deep interest of mine -- and it's one that many of us share. Our traditions and heritage seem to play an important role in that, since many of the things we do today have their roots in earlier events. 

"We all do better with the help of good friends.  I warmly thank the many caring people who have given me the benefit of their efforts and support all these years. You know you can call on me whenever the need arises. May you all enjoy the best life has to give!"

-- Sanford Holst

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