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Phoenicians: Lebanon’s Epic Heritage

“This thoroughly researched and clearly written book should be a welcome addition to all libraries.”
— David Northrup, Ph.D.

The mysterious Phoenicians are experienced in richer detail than ever before in this well researched and captivating narrative. This is a walk through the idyllic ancient Mediterranean you will long remember. . . .


Exploring epic events and the people who shaped our world, with Sanford Holst

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Sanford tells of discovering fascinating worlds

The early days of ancient Greece hold a special attraction for most of us, shrouded in unsolved mysteries, challenges, deities and heroes who evolved into the wondrous glory of the Classical Age. Then there were the sea-trading Phoenicians who came to the Greek shores and to the fertile Nile delta of Egypt. The nearby land of Canaan was crossed by caravans from ancient cities in the East who brought exotic goods and strange creations to the storm-tossed coast of the Mediterranean Sea. . . .

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