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Phoenicians: Lebanon’s Epic Heritage [2nd Edition]​

“A well written, historically accurate book about a great civilization which has been by-passed by the annals of history. I have given many copies to my friends and they have found it equally enjoyable.”
— Judge James Kaddo

The mysterious Phoenicians are experienced in richer detail than ever before in this well researched and intriguing narrative. This is a walk through the idyllic ancient Mediterranean you will long remember. . . .

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“In this engagingly written narrative, Holst describes the character and ambitions of five key individuals. He shows how these complex but determined personalities combined to shape both Athenian democracy and the development of Greek theatre and philosophy.”

— Rick Szostak, Ph.D.

“Thought-provoking, well researched and well written, the book presents information rather than strongly arguing for a point of view. In doing so, Holst builds a persuasive case. He has collected a great deal of information from numerous sources and provides a fine overview of events which forever changed the world.”

— Scottish Rite Journal

“There are few history books so compelling as to leave you wanting to read more. Mr. Holst has done a phenomenal job in writing as well as researching the Phoenicians. I have read other books about Phoenicians in the past and was never really impressed. This one has a special way of pulling everything together so that their accomplishments make sense.”

— Dany Chalhoub

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